webdesign & graphic design

Eva Belabbas

Chemin Gaudenies 12
1267 Vich
dessin portrait
  • Diploma in Graphic Design from the school Design et Formation (Nyon)
  • Diploma of Webpublisher ESI (Ecole Suisse d'Informatique )
  • Maturité artistique in Visual Arts (= Swiss Baccalauréat)
Softwares for MAC and PCs
  • Graphics : Photoshop - Illustrator - Indesign CS6
  • Web development : Dreamweaver, RapidWeaver
  • CMS : Pulse, Typo3 et Wordpress - certified WPChef summer 2018
  • Languages : HTML, CSS, and basics of : Javascript, PHP, MySql

I am constantly learning and training in order to follow the latest progress of technology so as to be able to offer them to you according to your budget.